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Any product that needs a manual to work is broken. - Elon Musk


I grew up in Mount Pleasant, SC just east of Charleston. I became interested in science, technology, and computers at a young age. My first computer was an Apple Macintosh LC II with a 16 MHz processor and 4 MB of RAM. I got interested in software development in high school when I enrolled in my high school’s inaugural software development class which focused on Visual Basic.

I’m an avid gamer and a bit of a techie. I enjoy a variety of games on both console (XBox One) and PC. I typically enjoy first-person-shooters (e.g. Battlefield, Call of Duty), action role-playing (e.g. Fallout 4, Diablo III), and strategy (e.g. Civilization V, SimCity) games. I typically keep up with the latest gadgets and tend to be an early adopter of “the next big thing”. I am an Android enthusiast.


Skill is the unified force of experience, intellect and passion in their operation. -John Ruskin

Java 8

  • Spring Framework
  • Spring Data
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Apache Maven
  • Oracle Weblogic Server

Microsoft .NET

  • C#
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM)
  • Visual Studio
  • Expression (Blend, Design)

Version Control

  • Git (GitHub, GitLab, TortoiseGit)
  • Rational Team Concert
  • Subversion (TortoiseSVN)

Web Technologies

  • HTML 5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • Less
  • Sass
  • Angular.js
  • Grunt

Amazon Web Services

  • CloudFront
  • EC2
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • IAM
  • Route 53
  • S3

Other Languages

  • C++
  • Ruby

Web Frameworks

  • Bootstrap
  • Ruby on Rails

Google Services

  • AdWords
  • Analytics
  • Apps for Business
  • Maps API

Other Web Services

  • CloudFlare
  • MailChimp


The only source of knowledge is experience. -Albert Einstein


SPARC an Agile Systems Delivery Hub of Booz Allen Hamilton

Software Developer / Charleston, SC / Jan 2015 - Current

Developer on the Veterans Benefits Management System project for the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Team member on a Scrum team that focuses on Document Management and Import Services. Developer Point of Contact for Information Assurance concerns and defect resolution.

  • Delivered functional story work using agile development practices
  • Mentored other developers and helped them improve their skill set in various areas
  • Led efforts to revamp Information Assurance (IA) efforts by writing the Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) for addressing IA defects
  • Delivered multiple presentations to address security defects in VBMS and proposed mitigation through a positive prevention model
  • Resolved defects in VBMS including defects related to Information Assurance, Section 508 compliance, performance, and the user interface
  • Wrote automated tests
Scientific Research Corporation

Scientific Research Corporation Contracted at SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic

Software Developer, Systems Engineer III / Charleston, SC / 2008 - 2014

Developed software and performed system engineering for the Joint Tactical Common Operational Picture (COP) Workstation (JTCW), a Windows-based integrated build designed for Battalion and Above (BAA) to facilitate military Command and Control (C2) functions by improving Situational Awareness (SA) and enhancing operational and tactical decision-making.

  • Led a team of three in the development of the SPAWAR Windows Image Manager (SWIM), an image deployment solution for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 integrated software builds.
  • Developed two major releases of Acid, an application management solution for integrated software builds that serves as a practical alternative to application virtualization.
  • Developed SecurityBanner+, a solution for denoting the classification of a workstation through a non-obtrusive security banner and generation of a classification marked wallpaper and lockscreen.
  • Worked extensively with the Command and Control Personal Computer (C2PC) Tactical Management System (TMS) API. Reported and verified dozens of Trouble Reports (TRs) which were submitted to the developers at Northrop Grumman.
  • Created fully automated software packages for the purpose of updating software and security on fielded tactical systems to ensure the system retained its Authority to Operate (ATO).
  • Founding member of two Cursor on Target (CoT) Technical Working Groups (TWGs): CoT Types and CoT UID.Presented on the behalf of both TWGs at the Annual CoT Conference in 2011
  • Extensive work with various versions of the MIL-STD-2525, Common Warfighting Symbology (B, B1, B2, C) including performing analysis against the CoT Types
  • Integrated software builds for use by Marine Corps users in all the Marine Expeditionary Forces.
  • Provided the JTCW Project Office and related projects with expertise in various areas related to systems engineering (e.g. system administration, security, deployment, risk management)
  • Worked extensively with test team to ensure high quality integrated software builds
  • Worked closely with Information Assurance team to ensure that integrated builds were compliant with latest DoD standards

Bingel Tech LLC

Owner / Charleston, SC / 2013 - Current

Worked with various small businesses to improve their online presence and utilization of web technologies.

  • Gained experience with various web technologies: HTML5, CSS3 (Sass, Less), JavaScript (JQuery, CoffeeScript), Front-end Frameworks (Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation), ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails
  • Overhauled outdated websites and improved their search engine rankings using organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices
  • Improved speed and performance of various websites through optimization based on various best practice resources (e.g. Page Speed, YSlow)
  • Administered Google Analytics to track various events and improve conversion rates
  • Utilized Facebook Insights to improve engagement for posts
  • Ran a Facebook Ad campaign with a click-through-rate of over 4%
  • Utilized various Amazon Web Services including Route 53, CloudFront and S3
  • Managed various websites including domain acquisition, DNS, canonical and MX records setup
  • Setup Google Apps for Business instances
  • Utilized Wufoo to improve customers management of form submissions
  • Utilized MailChimp for email marketing campaigns and integrated it to work with Wufoo


Emollit mores nec sinit esse feros -Ovid

Univ of South Carolina

University of South Carolina

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - Graduated: 2008

I studied computer science with a focus in business. My favorite courses were Introduction to Robotics and Game Design. For my Capstone Project I worked on a six person team to develop Limits DNE, a third-person multi-player action game in which players battle using summoned AI controlled characters.

I am an avid Gamecock Football fan and am a season ticket holder. Go Cocks!


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